Dawn Foods, through its Dawn Distribution Advantage (DDA) network, is pleased to announce Ardent Mills and Coco Bakery as its North America vendors of the year for 2021.

The DDA is a customer-focused buying cooperative consisting of Dawn Foods’ own distribution centers and independent distributor partners. Each year, the DDA recognizes vendors that collaboratively deliver growth and provide outstanding partnership for bakery customers across the region. In 2021, Ardent Mills and Coco Bakery both demonstrated industry-leading service, leadership, and product innovation to ensure bakers were provided with products and inspiration to grow their business.

Ardent Mills has been selected as a vendor of the year for its commitment to quality, innovation, and partnership. During a year of continued disruption throughout the supply chain, Ardent Mills provided everything Dawn and the DDA needed to deliver consistent, high-quality flour, and solutions to customers. From providing daily market pricing updates and supporting technical teams across the country, to working with quality teams on crop transitions and logistics, Ardent Mills delivered on its vision to nurture its customers, consumers, and communities through innovative and nutritious grain-based solutions.  

“Ardent Mills’ commitment to providing high-quality products, customer service, and innovation has been incredible for Dawn and our DDA partners,” said Paul Caske, DDA chairman of the board and vice president, national technical sales at Dawn Foods. “During another challenging year for the industry, they helped keep our plants running in critical times of supply constraints on flour. Ardent Mills is always willing to go the extra mile to support their customers, and we are proud to recognize them as a vendor of the year.”

“We take pride in being true partners and collaborators, creating products, services, and tailored solutions to help support our customers’ evolving needs,” said Angie Miller, vice president of sales at Ardent Mills. “We are humbled to be recognized for delivering on our vision of being the trusted partner and serving our valued, longtime partner, Dawn Foods.”

Coco Bakery, a leading manufacturer of French macarons and bakery products, has been a Dawn Foods partner since 2017 and sells directly to many of Dawn’s distribution centers and DDA independent distributors. Throughout 2021, Coco Bakery continued to grow and support the DDA and Dawn sales teams through creative product sampling and training programs, virtual food show participation, and inspiration guides to provide bakers with ideas to drive traffic to their business.  

“The team at Coco Bakery is the very definition of what it means to be a good partner in the bakery industry,” said Caske. “Their products are beautiful and delicious, and the Coco team continues to find new ways to create products that are convenient and profitable for customers. We are proud to be their partner and to honor Coco Bakery as a vendor of the year.”

“We are honored to be recognized by Dawn Foods and the DDA for the great partnership we share and the success we all achieved in 2021,” said Leonora Reinwald, president at Coco Bakery. “Working together has been instrumental to the growth of the Coco Bakery brand. Having partners that believe in what you do and provide support to achieve great things together is really something special.”