The history of the American food industry boasts a number of iconic snack foods. And one of the best is Cheez-It crackers, a brand currently owned by another American classic, Kellogg Co. In fact, Kellogg’s is home to a wealth of historic snack and bakery products, including Corn Flakes and Pringles, among dozens of other strong category anchor brands.

Cheez-It, the honoree for this year’s “Snack Producer of the Year,” impresses due to its singular success since its invention in 1921. It’s one of the top snack foods of all time—with a century of success already traveled, and annual sales north of $3.2 billion and climbing. Those feats merit the honor alone.

But then the Cheez-It team adds in an amazing burst of innovation on the brand over the last several years, formulating new snack formats with differentiating sensory experiences, extending the Cheez-It brand into new snacking segments, resulting in incremental growth—and a whole lot of fun. There’s a lot to love about Cheez-Its.

One of the beautiful aspects of the brand is its focus on 100% real cheese. It’s a message that sticks with us. And you can certainly taste it in the products themselves, with strong craveability built around nuanced aged and deeply savory notes. And that’s just the Original. Brand fans are ardent in their adoration of flavors of choice, each one establishing a gold standard to aspire toward (I’m partial to the Jalapeño & Cheddar Jack Duoz myself, the bright, green jalapeño chile note providing a nice contrast to the serious background of aged cheese…). There’s something for everyone. But the message and branding stays at the core throughout.

And something tells me that the Cheez-It team over at Kellogg’s still has some significant mileage left on this brand.