Laoban, the Asian frozen food brand known for delivering the dumpling shop experience, is expanding beyond its fan-favorite dumplings with the launch of bao buns. The buns will be rolling out exclusively this June in select Whole Foods Market locations nationwide.

The cousin of the dumpling, bao buns are a Chinese specialty comprising fluffy dough filled with savory or sweet stuffing. Laoban’s frozen bao buns were developed by co-founder and culinary director, Chef Tim Ma, a Michelin-recognized chef with a family background in Chinese restaurants. Like the rest of Laoban’s offerings, the bao buns are packed with complex yet approachable flavors—layered with seasoning and featuring top-quality ingredients like free-range chicken, Berkshire pork, grass-fed beef, and shiitake mushrooms. The bao buns are microwave-ready in just one minute, making them the perfect on-the-go bite or a quick and easy complement to a larger meal.

“Our buns tap into the two greatest reasons consumers turn to us—the unique combination of high-quality convenience and delectable flavor,” says Laoban Co-Founder Patrick Coyne. “We want to change the way consumers think about the frozen aisle by making quality frozen food like our buns part of your weekly, or daily, routine.” Laoban’s Bao Buns come in a frozen pack of four buns. Flavors Include: 

  • Chinese Style BBQ Pork: Berkshire pork seasoned with Chinese BBQ spices, an homage to the classic char siu bun.
  • Spicy Beef: Grass-fed beef boldly spiced with chili and cumin.
  • Sesame Chicken: Free-range chicken, shiitake mushrooms, and savory sesame.

“I’m so excited for Laoban’s new Bao Buns to hit freezers nationwide,” says Laoban Co-Founder Chef Tim Ma. “We’ve spent the last year working on the recipes to make sure we’re bringing the restaurant experience straight to your home kitchen. The final recipe gives me visceral memories of eating Bao buns as a child with my family, and I hope it evokes that same feeling for everyone who eats them.”

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