From March 17–18 in Chicago, several associations across snack and bakery—with Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery as the exclusive media partner—presented the Sanitary Design Workshop, a hands-on educational gathering presented by experts from the field.

While covering the event, Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery shot several videos to provide an overview of the proceedings:

In “Sanitary Design Workshop: Risk Remediation,” Karl Thorson, food safety and sanitation manager, General Mills, reviews his presentation at the Sanitary Design Workshop on risk remediation.

2015 marked the 11 year of the Sanitary Design Workshop, and in “Inside the Sanitary Design Workshop,” Joe Stout, president, Commercial Food Sanitation, provides some historical perspective on the growth of the event and its importance in the snack and bakery industries today.

Mark Davis, senior manager of food safety, PepsiCo, reviews his presentation at the Sanitary Design Workshop on guiding sanitary design principles for snack and bakery plant equipment in “Sanitary Design Workshop: Sanitary Equipment Design Principles.”

At the Sanitary Design Workshop, Duane Grassman, market hygiene manager, Nestlé, presented on the structure, implementation and oversight of sanitation controls for snack and bakery operations, which he comments on in "Sanitary Design Workshop: Sanitation Control."

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