Company: SternLife


Ingredient Snapshot: The protein mixes are specifically intended for the young dynamic target group of millennials who opt for a healthy lifestyle. With them, consumers can make their own pizzas, bread and bars. The protein pizza mix, for example, can be used to make gluten-free, vegan pizza dough which features a high protein content and a comparatively low carbohydrate content. The dough can be easily and quickly prepared with water. The SternLife protein tomato sauce with 52 per cent protein is the ideal companion. It can be quickly prepared too, is suitable for vegans and is, of course, gluten-free. With these protein mixes drugstore and supermarket private brands can open up new trendy segments.

The new SternLife baking mix for high protein bread showcases strong brands and own labels, too. The vegan baking mix creates fluffy bread with a high protein content of 21 per cent and a comparatively low carbohydrate content. And to top it all, it is gluten-free, something which is rather the exception when it comes to bread and baked goods. This baking mix is also available as an organic option.

With the new powder mix for protein bars, sellers of branded goods and private labels can inject fresh impetus into the current boom for these bars. This is because consumers can now use this mix to make their own bars, and then refine them with nut puree or a chocolate coating. The basic mix comes in two options which are both soya and gluten free. The vegan organic bar mix "Brownie Dough", with oat flakes and cocoa bean nibs, is rich in plant protein and contains roughage. It features a balanced nutrient profile. The "Coco Choc" option has a top quality lactoprotein base. The coconut flakes give a special twist to the chocolatey flavour.