Did you miss the following new products, ingredients and equipment posted on www.snackandbakery.com this week? If so, check them out now.

New Products:

Doritos Jacked 3D: Doritos has taken its popular Jacked product line to a new dimension with the introduction of Jacked 3D tortilla snacks.

Fiber One 90 Calorie Mint Fudge Brownies: Fiber One 90 Calorie Mint Fudge Brownies, a new snack from General Mills, can help calorie-counting consumers satisfy their sweet cravings.

G.H. Cretors Organic Popped Corn, Single-Serve: G.H. Cretors now offers a 70-calorie bag of its two organic flavors, Extra Olive Oil and Simply Salted.

Garden of Eatin’ Cantina Style Corn Tortilla Chips: Garden of Eatin’ Cantina Style Tortilla Chips—available in Blue Chips with Sea Salt and White Chips with Lime--capture the crispy texture of traditional, Mexican-style cantina chips.


Special K Snack Bars: Kellogg Co.’s new chewy Special K Snack Bars are made with golden rolled oats and come in four varieties.

New Ingredients:

Kale: Van Drunen Farms’ kale makes it easy for food processors to add desirable nutrition, color and trendiness to products.

Spray dry flavor: TABASCO brand Spray Dry Flavor, from McIlhenny Co.’s TABASCO Industrial Ingredients Division, delivers the signature taste of aged TABASCO brand Original Red Sauce in a convenient dry format.

New Equipment:

Metallized BOPP film: Toray Plastics (America) introduces Torayfan PWX5, a metallized BOPP film designed for use as a high-performance, inner moisture- and oxygen-barrier web in gas-flushed applications.

Continuous mixer: Spray Dynamics’ new Slurry On Demand continuous mixer, available from Heat and Control Inc., ends the waste and delay normally required to produce pumpable slurries of oil-based seasonings, chocolate and other coatings.