From clean-label snacks to decadent desserts and everything in between, 2021 was definitely a year of snacking at-home. Consumers looked for nostalgic flavors, such as some of the ones listed below, and also looked for new and interesting tastes, such as ethnic flavors.

Here are the Top 10 most-viewed snack and bakery products from late 2020 through December 2021 on the Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery website:

  1. Dunkin' Cupid's Choice Donut and Brownie Batter Donut, for Valentine's Day
  2. Lay's releases three new limited-edition flavors: Chile Mango, Wavy Jerk Chicken, and Summer BLT
  3. OREO THINS x Barefoot Red Blend Wine collaboration pack
  4. Dot's Pretzels announces highly requested Honey Mustard flavor
  5. Limited-edition NBA Dynasty OREO cookies
  6. Dunkin' Bacon Topped Avocado Toast
  7. Little Debbie Honey Bun Mini Muffins
  8. Lady Gaga Themed OREO cookies
  9. Kettle Brand launches new Krinkle Cut flavors: Habanero Lime, and Truffle & Sea Salt
  10. Barstool Sports partners with Happi Foodi, launches 'One Bite' Frozen Pizza