This month’s New Product Slideshow article includes products from Barebells, Hooters, Popcorn Indiana, Pillsbury, and more. 

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Barebells Birthday Cake flavor

Barebells Birthday Cake flavor

Barebells has launched a new original 20-gram protein bar, Birthday Cake. The new flavor has been tailor-made for the American market. The Barebells Original Bar offers a classic birthday cake flavor, similar to sponge cake and buttercream, with crunch, colorful sprinkles, a white chocolate cover, and 20 grams of protein, without added sugar.

courtesy of Barebells

Hooters frozen chicken wingsHooters frozen chicken wings

For the first time ever, Hooters has introduced a line of frozen appetizers and snacks, allowing consumers to bring the taste of Hooters home. Available at Publix Super Markets nationwide, these four new frozen products give fans the opportunity to have Hooters’ world-famous food at their fingertips. Hooters has licensed a selection of wing and boneless chicken styles, complete with Hooters’ signature breading and sauces. 

Courtesy of Hooters

Netflix, Popcorn Indiana collaborationNetflix, Popcorn Indiana collaboration

Netflix and Popcorn Indiana are teaming up to bring Netflix Now Popping, an all-new ready-to-eat Netflix-branded popcorn line, to the masses. Flavors include Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle Corn and Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle Corn, and the new line of Netflix popcorn "promises a snack experience tailored to every viewer's taste," says the brand. The popcorn will be sold nationwide at Walmart, and can also be purchased at

Courtesy of Netflix

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Mega Icing

Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Mega Icing

Pillsbury is bringing back its most fan-requested limited-time offer of Toaster Strudel from the 2010's: Mega Icing. Last available in 2015, MEGA Icing features almost double the icing of traditional Pillsbury Toaster Strudel offerings and is returning based on fan demand for icing. More than half of consumers say icing is the reason they buy Toaster Strudel.

Courtesy of Pillsbury

 Smartfood Cheddar BBQ popcorn

Smartfood Cheddar BBQ popcorn

Smartfood (a Frito-Lay brand) is introducing a limited-time popcorn flavor meant to evoke the feeling of a summer cookout: Cheddar BBQ. The brand’s latest iteration features air-popped kernels of popcorn, coated with a mixture of tangy barbecue and melty cheddar flavors.

Courtesy of Smartfood

 General Mills vanilla-forward cereals

General Mills vanilla-forward cereals 

Whether consumers are vanilla loyalists or looking to jazz up their cereal selection this summer, General Mills has two vanilla-forward cereal varieties hitting shelves. They include Loaded Birthday Cake Cereal (SRP:L $6.88) and Vanilla Chex, making a return to the cereal aisle (SRP: $4.99).

Courtesy of General Mills

 Goldfish LTO Spicy Dill Pickle flavor

Goldfish LTO Spicy Dill Pickle flavor

The new Goldfish Spicy Dill Pickle flavor includes a balance of tangy dill pickle with the spicy kick of red chili peppers on Goldfish Original crackers. With over 300 million pickle-related posts on TikTok and 53 million Americans requesting extra spice, Goldfish Spicy Dill Pickle flavor crackers combine flavor and fandom with its latest limited-edition cracker.

Courtesy of Goldfish

Insomnia Cookies international flavors LTO

Insomnia Cookies is launched its internationally-inspired summer collection, a celebration of “Summer Abroad Sweets.” From a key lime pie ice cream to Italian and Mexican-inspired cookies, the late-night bakery’s lineup tackles summer indulgences. Insomniacs can satisfy their sweet tooths with the Caramel Apple Stroopwafel Classic cookie or the Gold Medal Lemon Filled Ricotta Cookie Classic cookie, plus the never-before-tasted Peanut Miso Ramen Classic cookie, which is vegan-friendly.

Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

Herr Foods’ chips with Philadelphia flair

Herr Foods’ chips with Philadelphia flair

Herr Foods Inc., a Pennsylvania-based snack producer, has introduced its latest chip flavors, inviting consumers to buy, try, and vote on their favorite of the three to crown the winner in the Flavored by Philly Contest. They include Talluto’s Cheese Ravioli and Marinara, Mom Mom’s Kitchen Potato Pierogi, and Romano’s Stromboli. The Flavored by Philly contest is designed to celebrate Philadelphia's unique flavors, a testament to community support, and a platform for creating cherished snack-time memories.

Courtesy of Herr’s

bakerly on-the-go PB and grape-filled crêpes

Bakerly on-the-go PB and grape-filled crêpes

bakerly announced it is expanding its line of signature crêpes and on-the-go snacks with a new addition: peanut butter and grape filled crêpes to-go. Each crêpe is crafted using original French recipes and filled with the timeless American combo of creamy peanut butter and sweet grape filling. bakerly’s crêpes to-go are made using real, simple ingredients like smooth peanut butter and real eggs and butter, and without preservatives, artificial colors, or high fructose corn syrup. Each bakerly crêpe also comes individually wrapped and requires zero prep time.

Courtesy of bakerly